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Mandela Day Supercar Run and Rhino Orphan Milk Drive

Mandela Day Supercar Run and Rhino Orphan Milk Drive

Due to popular demand, and a successful Rhino Orphan Milk Drive in 2021, Ferris Cars is happy to announce the 2022 Mandela Day Supercar Run!

Yes you heard right! Don’t miss it! This year we are including a fantastic array of gorgeous supercars in this year’s convoy, for your viewing pleasure!

The Supercar Run will kick off at Papachinos Clearwater at 9am on Sunday 17 July 2022. The run will commence to Papachinos Stoneridge and then finish off at Papachinos, Broadacres in a 67 Minute Rhino Orphan Milk drive. Join in after for some entertainment at Ferris Cars, Broadacres, the event will end at midday.

Longlife Fat Free or Skimmed Milk Donations can be dropped off at your nearest Papachinos! Please be sure to leave your contact details at the donation point for a chance to win prizes!

For cash donations: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/rhino-connect

When you see the supercar run, give us a hoot to show your support!

For more information contact Ferris Cars:
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Rhino Connect NPO 2018/627456/08

No one in the world needs a rhino horn…but a rhino!
Don’t let the Sun go down on our Rhinos.

Founded in 2016, Rhino Connect is a non-governmental, not-for-profit South African organisation focused on private conservation of Black and White Rhino. Private custodians carry the full burden of care and protection of endangered black and white rhino populations. Despite higher success rates, these custodians receive no support from the government even though poaching is a national
threat to our wildlife.

Founder, Tersia Jooste established Rhino Connect after a brutal attempted poaching incident when she discovered the enormous challenges faced by private custodians and the lack of support available. Rhino Connect provides financial and on-the-ground support to these important caretakers.

Programs include rescue, relocation, day-to-day care of injured rhino, orphans, veterinary and air assistance, supplemental feed, security, and other support.

Rhino Connect’s education and research programs create awareness and an understanding of the role of conservation.

Rhino Connect NPO 2018/627456/08

Contact Tersia Jooste:
tersia@rhinoconnect.co.za or

Gill Kabe

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