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Newsletter 66 – FERRARI ICONS : 360 Challenge Stradale

360 Challenge Stradale
(One of the greatest Ferrari’s ever?)

360 Challenge Stradale

This is the 360 Challenge Stradale, one of Ferrari’s absolute best mid-engined V8, “race cars for the road”

This car could not be more different than the standard360 Modena. The Stradale is the one to have, it’s more purposeful, it’s got a stunning stance, its a lot more useable than you might think, but its still a full-on race car with just enough comfort for you to be able to enjoy driving it on the road.

This is a 2004 car, so that’s 20 years old and yet it’s still one of the absolute best Ferrari’s you can buy.

Like the F40, this car has no carpets no real luxuries of any kind, you can see the welds in the floor of the interior, its lightweight race engineering at its finest. Weighing in at 1,400kg’s its 3.6L Naturally Aspirated V8 chucks out 425 hp @ 8,500 rpm and Torque of 275 lb-ft @ 4,750 rpm.

All this gives this stallion is a top speed of 280kmh and a zero to 100 time of just on 4 seconds, so its pretty light on its feet!

Red Ferrari

On the open highway you can feel every single bump and undulation in the road, the steering is just perfect, it’s so light and there is so much feedback.

The fact that the steering wheel is not festooned in any way with any controls is refreshing, its just a tool for turning the car, like it should be.

Feedback from the steering wheel tells you everything you need to know about the surface you’re on, how much grip you’ve got how hard you can push. Although hugely supple, there is little suspension travel, keeping the car planted in almost every situation.

Red Ferrari engine

There is no finer noise than a V8 Ferrari powerhouse, it’s like a symphony, one of the all-time great Ferrari engines, one of the top three exhaust notes and engine sounds in the world.

Red Ferrari tail lights

So, what makes it so special?

Visually, from the outside it’s a lot meaner and more purposeful than the 360 Modena, it sits slightly more forward and lower at the front than the rear.

The wheels fill the arches far more effectively.

There are carbon-fibre door mirrors, ceramic brakes as standard (as used on the Enzo), which explains why they’re so fantastically good at stopping the car.

Red Ferrari

This is a track racer, not an outright speed machine.

There are many Ferrari’s that are much faster than this, but the Challenge Stradale is all about handling and it’s all about the corners, its all about the smile it puts on your face.

Driving it is an event, there’s drama, it talks to you, it wants you to play, it wants you to have fun and it rewards you like no other!

Red Ferrari

Of the 1288 cars produced, just over 200 of these cars were right-hand-drive making it quite a rare car.

Even though it doesn’t have a V12, or the presence and stance of something like an Enzo or an F40, it still has the power to turn heads. It’s also one of those cars that attracts real motoring and Ferrari connoisseurs, and a lot of serious collectors favour the Challenge Stradale ………. no surprise there!!


Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

33,000 Km’s

Rosso Corsa


360 Challenge Stradale


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