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The Fiorano test track lap record for a Ferrari F40 is 1m 29.6sec. The lap record for a  Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is 1m 26.5sec.  

Ferrari made 1,315 F40’s and 1,288 Challenge Stradale’s. 

A Ferrari F40 can cost R20 million plus, yet a Challenge Stradale will set you back  about R5 million. 

The Ferrari F40 is widely regarded as the ultimate supercar, and if you look at it, hear it and/or drive it, you’ll probably agree. Trouble is, very few of us are able to swim in the F40 owners’ pond, however, all is not lost, the 360 Challenge Stradale is a fantastic alternative. 

Its mid-mounted V8 powerplant revs to 8,700 rpm and throws out 420 horsepower.  The CS will top 190 mph, and shoots from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, just enough to slam your internal organs into the back of the seat and change your expression to that of a constipated smurf.

As with all supercars, we know that they all look great, they all sound great and they all go biblically quick, but that’s a given, it’s what you’re paying for. The big question is how is all of that delivered to you as a driver?  

The CS is visceral, engaging, dynamic and capable. It’s also very analogue, there are no fancy computers to help you out when you get it wrong. Just a go and stop pedal, a  steering wheel and you! 

The aero upgrades, from the 360 Modena, include front bumper mods that extend the lower fascia below the air intakes, adding load to the front end without interrupting airflow to the rear. To balance things out, the rear height was increased slightly plus new longitudinal diffuser fins. Overall the improvements increase the Stradale’s downforce by a staggering 50 percent.  The modifications make the ride more rigid than the regular 360, improving performance and delivering a spectacular track experience.

We are proud to be able to offer this exceptional example for sale. 2004 model with 17,000 Kilometres on the clock 

Immaculate condition 

Full Service History 

Enquiries welcome: Paul 082 851 3300

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