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Newsletter 20: A WORTHY CAUSE

Those eagle-eyed among you will have probably noticed that the image below is not a horse!
Whilst we are passionate about our Cavallino’s, both living and automotive, these are found in abundance on our beautiful continent.
What is not abundant, however, is the Southern White and Black Rhinos.
Ferris Cars have recently committed to assisting Rhino Connect, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the preservation of both species, in any way we can to stop the needless slaughter of these magnificent animals, as well as the ongoing care and rehabilitation of those left in the wake.

A Rhino with Rhino Connect logo
Tersia Jooste Portrait Photo

This is Tersia Jooste, she started Rhino Connect.
A remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to the protection, rehabilitation, and caring of Rhinos in Africa.
Rhino Connect faces a mammoth task every day.
Orphaned or abandoned baby’s need constant feeding, protecting, and neutering. Adult Rhinos need constant protection from poachers, all of which costs a huge amount of time, effort, and most scarce of all, money.
…… Running this organisation costs a staggering R2.5 million per year! …….
Funds are generated through donations. The cost is made up of a milk fund for orphaned baby’s, veterinary services, tracking and security, helicopter hire, supplement feed, staff, and a myriad of other necessities.
If you want to join the fight to save these precious animals, please contact:
Ferris Cars – info@ferriscars.com
Or contact Tersia direct on 083 759 1608 – tersia@rhinoconnect.co.za

A baby Rhino with a thank you note
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