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Here’s a shortlist of some of the owners of the most iconic, expensive and, some say, most beautiful car ever produced, by anyone, ever, in the history of ever, the Ferrari 250 GTO!!

The Ferrari 250 GTO (Gran Turismo Omolegato), entered production in 1962 and was built to race in the Group 3 GT racing series.

36 cars were made and cost around $18,000, which equates to about $150,000 in today’s money.

The 250 GTO’s racing debut was at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1962, where it was driven by American Phil Hill and Belgian driver Olivier Genderbent.

Over the three years it competed, the 250 GTO built up an impressive racing career and won numerous races. Because of its successful racing career, although short, and the limited production numbers, the 250 GTO has grown in popularity among Ferrari collectors circles over the years, and its price has increased exponentially.

The highest price paid for one of these cars is $70 million, in a private sale in 2018.

At an auction, the highest is $48 million, also in 2018.

Red Ferrari outline

Perhaps the most well-known owner on this list is fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Lauren started his career as a salesman for a Tie company and started the Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967 selling, you guessed it, ties.

Over the years he has built up, not only a worldwide fashion empire but also an Impressive supercar collection worth approximately $350 million and consisting of cars such as a 1959 Ferrari TR, Three 1996 McLaren f1s, a Mercedes 300sl Gullwing and a Bugatti type 57s C Atlantic.

In 2017 Ralph Lauren used his cars as a backdrop for his winter fashion show.

You can buy an exact replica of his 250 GTO on the Ralph Lauren website, for $1500.

A beautiful red Ferrari

Chassis 3987gt.

Continuing with the fashion theme, Lawrence Stroll built up his fortune by bringing such fashion brands as, Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, to Canada.

His son Lance troll is a Formula 1 driver for the Aston Martin F1 team, which Stroll owns, as well as being a major shareholder of the Aston Martin road car company.

Stroll also owns an extensive Ferrari collection but that wasn’t enough for him, so he also bought a Ferrari dealership in Quebec, Canada.

An unusual brown Ferrari

His car is a Chassis 3451gt.

Moving on the other side of the big pond, this 250 GTO, Chassis3767gt, is painted in a distinct BP green and was owned by British Formula 1 driver, David Piper.

In 1974 this car was acquired by Anthony Bamford, and he is the owner to this day.

Mr Bamford wasn’t satisfied with just owning one 250 GTO, like everyone else, so he also bought chassis number 4399 GT. Nothing cooler, in the Ferrari collectors world than owning two 250 GTO’s.

Anthony Bamford is the Chairman of JCB, one of the world’s largest Earthmoving and Plant businesses.

A greeen and yellow Ferrari

Chassis 3767gt

This 250 GTO is owned by Samuel Robson Walton the heir to the Walmart fortune, the largest retailer in the world, with a net worth of 52.9 billion dollars. he’s the wealthiest 250 GTO owner on the list.

The Ferrari 250 GTO in red

Chassis 3607gt

Chassis 3647GT is owned by James McNeill jr. If you have never heard of him, that’s because not much is known about him, other than the fact that he has owned his car since 1967 and is the longest consecutive owner on this list.

Nice red Ferrari from the side

Chassis 3647gt

Anthony Wang, a former CEO of CA Technologies is a software corporation providing system and application software. Owns Chassis 3713gt.

His wife, Lulu Lang has her own 250 GTO, Chassis 3769gt, imagine the brownie points he scored when he presented her with her own GTO!

Wang's Ferrari

LuLu Wang with Chassis 3769gt

American businessman and entrepreneur, Craig McCaw. He made $2 billion when he sold his cellular telephone industry company to AT&T and made headlines, immediately afterwards, when he had to give $460 million of this money to his wife as a divorce settlement. At the time it was the most expensive divorce pay-out in American history. McCaw’s GTO was originally made for British Formula One racing legend, Sir Stirling Moss and is highly praised by collectors, for its racing history as well as the special lime-green colour.

A green Ferrari 250 GTO

Chassis 3505gt

And finally, perhaps the most famous owner on the list and avid car collector, Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason.

Nick, along with his bandmates has become one of the world’s most successful, most influential and well-known rock bands in the history of music.

Nick purchased his GTO in 1977, for the princely sum of £37,000. He frequently races it at classic races, impressive considering he is well into his 70s, and still uses the car as it was meant to be!

Red side view Ferrari 250 GTO

Chassis 3757gt

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At the time of its launch, Enzo Ferrari would have probably been turning in his grave at the thought of his beloved company offering a practical, easy to drive cruiser and supercar all rolled into one!
So, can the California be a convertible, a gran tourer and a supercar, and still be a proper Ferrari?
Well for starters, it displays all that grace and poise a Ferrari should, before a wheel has even turned. This is Ferrari’s first-ever hardtop convertible and its “folding swan” routine is the most elegant one out there!
It may disappear beautifully but it does reveal something slightly less dainty. Some might think, it’s got a backside like Kim Kardashian after a visit to a pie shop, and no amount of designer lines can disguise the fact that with such bulk comes weight, 200 kilograms more than the f430, and more even than the bigger 599 GTB.
This car needs to have a pretty amazing engine to shift it …………..and it does!

full side of FerrariIt’s the first fuel-injected, front-engine, v8 Ferrari ever. It’s got a really broad powerband so it is incredibly user-friendly. It marked the start of the company’s commitment to reduce emissions, the co2 output is a new company low of 305 grams per kilometre with an average of 12.5 L/100 which is not too shabby figures for a supercar, but the only figure you really want to know is this one, 0 – 100 in under 4 seconds, so any worries about a lardy back-end will literally be left behind. The lightning-fast twin-clutch, the seven-speed gearbox was a first for a Ferrari road car. Keep your foot down through the gears and you’ll see 310Kmh, very, very quickly. If you’re not in the mood to attack, attack, attack, then just drop the pace a little and enjoy the California as a cruiser, it’ll pooter along and 130 – 140Kmh quite happily, proving that it is a very capable Grand Tourer.

Ferrari frontWhen launched, the California was more expensive than competitors like the Bentley Continental GT and the Mercedes SL63 AMG, but what you don’t get with the Merc and Bentley is firstly, value, the Merc and the Bentley are worth half the Cali price now, and secondly, something that’s in abundance with the Cali, sexiness! This car makes you feel like a million dollars! Inside it’s a sumptuous mix of stitched leather and aluminium, but good money’s also been spent on the more practical areas like the electrically adjustable steering column and beautifully sculptured and supportive seats.

Ferrari with doors openSo far we know the California is at least two Ferraris rolled into one, within 14 seconds it transforms from a convertible into a hardtop coupe. Flip the little manettino switch on the steering wheel, that controls the gearbox, traction control and suspension the car becomes a legitimate supercar. It’s got great balance because of its weight distribution, almost 50/50 between the front and rear end, and that equals great handling. Pick a corner, turn in, bury the throttle and that voluptuous derriere is all yours to play with. Amazingly, the California doesn’t feel overweight at all. It may lack the intensity and feedback of an F430, but it has so much more to offer.
The California is the most user-friendly way of indulging in the Ferrari spirit……………….ever!

The California side view

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