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Newsletter 49: UNIQUE FERRARI!

The unique Ferrari 360 Modena isn’t a car!  Not really!  Not in the traditional sense.  Cars are about transportation, get to grandma’s house, haul home the groceries, they’re a necessity, like food or Netflix.  The Ferrari 360 Spider F1 has little to do with transportation, little to do with necessity.

It’s a 395-horsepower sports car, a pleasure machine, pure and simple.

Oh sure, it’ll get you to granny’s, quite quickly in fact, and you can put your groceries in the boot, it’s just not the reason why you own one. You own a Ferrari 360 because you want to, because you can.

Still, the 360 is as close to a real car, a traditional car, a usable car, as the storied Italian car maker has ever produced. This was the first time, Ferrari addressed such things as interior space, basic ergonomics and overall comfort, which makes this the first of the brand’s mid-engine supercars that can truly be driven every day.

Unique Ferrari Key

Ferris Cars is extremely privileged to be able to offer this 2005 Ferrari 360 Spider for sale.

Obsessively cared for and serviced religiously by its current owner, this car has only covered 29,000 Kilometres since new and, with chassis number 140333, is one of the last 360’s produced by the factory in 2005.

We are confident in our statement that this cars is probably the best example in the country, in terms of condition, service history, accessories and originality.

Accessories alone are something to be envied, they include the original warning triangle, original spare wheel cover, original tyre/air canister, original tool kit, complete with a full set of unused tools, fuses and bulbs, all original service, owners and associated manuals, with the original Ferrari torch and an original, unused Ferrari car cover.

Collage of ferrari stuff

This particular Ferrari 360 Spider certainly befits, and deserves, the moniker unique.

It is an exceptional example of a very usable supercar.

Perfect for driving in traffic, and with 400 Italian horses at your disposal, the 360 will propel you out of the traffic and into the blue yonder, at a breath-taking 0-100kmh in a tad under 4 seconds.

For around the same price as a 2-door saloon from one of the big German manufacturers, you can have an iconic, attention-grabbing piece of Ferrari artwork, that won’t be worth half its value in 6 months!!

Ferrari on the lawn

Unique Ferrari back view

collage of Ferrari parts

Mixed Ferrari Photos

This “Unique” and very desirable Ferrari 360 Spider is offered for sale at

R 1 750 000

Unique Ferrari with its roof down

As always, we are looking for stock to buy or consign.

We specialise in Ferrari but all, high end, unique, luxury, sports and supercars welcome.

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