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Sunday 2nd October

Ferris Cars, old clients, new clients, old friends, new friends, great food, great sound, great visuals, exceptional venue.

Pretty much the ingredients for a very successful day.
We invited a few guests to join us for a viewing of the Singapore GP.
The entrance fee …….. Just bring a special car, and no one disappointed, the display was as eclectic as you can get.
From American muscle to Italian style with a spattering of German engineering.

Collage of many F1 cars attending the event

A big thankyou to all our guests for taking the time to spend the afternoon with us!

Outstanding food for the day was provided by:

Che food

Alex from CHE Argentinian Grill…….. Fantastic !!
128, Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg
Check them out!!

3 things sold

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Ferris Cars is pleased to announce a couple of new partnerships:

Psycho logo

Have you tried the world’s strongest coffee? We dare you!

7th Psychopath Coffee is premium artisan roasted and specially crafted with the highest quality, and carefully selected combination of coffee beans.
Tested and certified as the world’s strongest coffee!
Where else would you find people crazy enough to spend 3 years tasting and testing every conceivable roast option to create, not only the strongest coffee, but also the greatest tasting coffee………… on the planet?….
Whole Bean, Plunger, Filter and Espresso ground, pods, biscotti, and mugs are now available at Ferris Cars.

Different coffee machines

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Aeronautica logo

The history of Aeronautica Militare starts with a past tied to the craft of woven leather and a present to the world of the Italian Air Force giving us permission to use its decorations, badges, and banners to create a line of clothing and accessories that exudes authenticity and originality.
The brand has always been for those in search of a distinctive style and strong identity without ever compromising the quality of the product.
All decorations, badges and emblems, that characterise the Aeronautica Militare Collection, are original: they are the ones worn by Air Force pilots every day. Consequently, the “Aeronautica Militare” brand guarantees absolute exclusivity, quality and authenticity.

Aeronautica 3 photos

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Etron Logo

The future of big city commuting has arrived!
Lithium Powered, Zero Maintenance, Zero Emission, Electric Bikes.
Top speed of 90km/h
72 Volt – 60Ah Lithium Polymer Battery
Cruising range of around 110 + KM’s
Battery recharge 0 to 100% in 3.5 HOURS
E TRON ELECTRIC is one of the countries 1st NRCS approved and accredited street legal electric motorbikes.


Collage of Bikes

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Participants for the day, if you want to check them out!!

• @F1Sasha – The face and voice of Formula One and Motorsport in SA
• @aeronauticamilitareza – Worn every day by military pilots
• @7thpsychopathcoffee – Mankind’s strongest coffee
• @che.argentine.grill – Authentic Argentinian Cuisine
• @etronelectricmotorbikes – The future of city commuting


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