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This week we thought we’d explore the myth behind mileage, or in South Africa, kilometrage!

There seems to be a disconnect between age, condition and mileage, especially when talking about the Ferrari marque.

For example, an immaculate Ferrari from 2000 with 50,000k’s and a Full Service History is generally considered to be “a difficult sell”, purely based on the “high” mileage. Paradoxically, an immaculate, comparable   Porsche from the same year with 100,000k’s is considered “a good buy”.

Let’s explore the psyche behind this way of thinking.

Is it a preconceived brand reliability theory? Who knows!

In the super car market place, Ferrai has no more reliability concerns than any other-high end marque, in fact, quite the contrary. Without naming and shaming, there are manufacturers of top performing super cars who’s build quality, reliability and re-sale values are nowhere near that of Ferrari.

Here’s the thing, when buying a car, any car, the thing to look out for is a reputable and complete service history.

As for cars with higher mileage, Paolo Martinelli, Chief Engine Designer for Ferrari, once told me that cars, especially high revving performance cars, will only be properly bedded in and have found there “sweet spot” at around 60,000 to 70,000k’s. From then on it’s a simple question of regular maintenance. Most problems or issues occur between zero and 50,000 to 60,000k’s.

 An automobile manufacturer creates a car that is designed to be driven. We buy said car, drive it (for the purpose which it was intended) and then get penalised when we want to sell it. All because it has been used for the exact purpose for which it was designed.

It’s an odd mindset and even odder that it only applies to certain brands, mostly without any kind of logic or substantiation.

So the message we are enforcing is, “Don’t be afraid of higher mileage, the car has simply done what it was designed to do.”


Week three of the first month of 2021 and things are coming along nicely.

We are currently busy finalising our regalia and merchandise store which will stock a myriad of Ferrari and other models, model kits, clothing, art and collectables.

Watch this space for further updates, as they happen.

We are planning quite a few functions for the coming year, sadly due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to confirm a lot of them just yet.

Planned events will include:

Whiskey Tastings

Grand Prix Viewings

Weekend Breaks

Ferrari Tour to Italy

VIP Monaco GP Weekend Trip

current COVID restrictions prevent us from having an official launch of the new showroom any time soon. As soon as we are able we will have some sort of get together!


Welcome to week two!

Seems like we are off to an encouraging start, despite the continued effects of the Covid situation, with a few sales, lots of enquiries, leads and interest.

This week we want to introduce Roberto Leo, mechanic extraordinaire, fixer of cars, solver of problems and all-round nice guy.

If you are a Ferris client, Ferrari owner or associated in some way with the brand, chances are you’ll already know he is.

Basically, he’s the go-to guy for any Ferrari related maintenance, repairs, fixes and fault finding, not only Ferrari but other high-end marques as well.

Having a solid back-up, maintenance and services facility is important to us and our clients, so having Roberto, aided by his very capable right-hand man, Franco Simbane is a blessing.

Newsletter 1: WE ARE OPEN !!

The New Ferris is now open, revamped and revitalised for 2021.

You are welcome to pop in for a coffee, meet the Ferris Team for a chat about Ferrari and your other favourite exotic cars, or get expert advice about your next supercar purchase.

Tel: +27 64 504 1406

Paul: +27 82 851 3300







While this car shifts gear faster than the blink of an eye, it’s day one and the Ferris Team is shifting gear to get this 488 Spider delivered to a very happy Ferris Client in Cape Town!

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